About Lobby

The most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) about Lobby is answered here :

Web Apps ?

Applications that run on a web browser is known as Web Apps. These apps are platform independent and can run on any modern browsers. Examples of web apps can be found in the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Addons.

Desktop Web Apps ?

With PHP, the program can interact directly with the user's system like how a desktop app does. But unlike a standard desktop app, Lobby and apps runs on a browser. Hence it's Desktop Apps + Web Apps = Desktop Web Apps

What's Lobby ?

Lobby is a software that runs on a localhost server for running Web Apps. Lobby provides a framework for running Web Apps in localhost.

This is the main dashboard of Lobby. (Running on Chrome in Xubuntu 15.04)

Lobby Dashboard

The tiles you see above in the image are various apps installed in Lobby.

Apps can be installed from Lobby Store :

Lobby Store

What can I do with it ?

Lobby can be used for installing and running web apps on your system.

Unlike traditional web apps, Lobby apps can communicate with server (localhost). This means, you can manage your computer directly from your browser.

How can it be used ?

Lobby is downloaded and installed in a web server.

The installation is completed through browser by creating a config.php file.

It stores data in a database on your system. You can install apps from Lobby Store.

Isn't it the same as Chrome Web Store ?

Chrome Web Apps has less support with the system ie the app can't interact with the files on your system or write to your system.

Many functions that can be done by a normal software can't be done by a Chrome or Firefox app. But, Lobby apps can.

Demo & Download

You can see a demo of Lobby here.

Like what you see ? Download & Install Lobby.

You can browse through the collection of Lobby's apps here.


Lobby is an open source software licensed under Apache License 2.0. This means you and anyone else can see the source code, modify and distribute Lobby.

You can see the source code of Lobby and officially maintained apps here GitHub.

It is easy to modify Lobby through modules. The indi module helps Lobby to be used as a framework for developing independent web apps not on localhost, but on websites.