The information about the app is stored as JSON format in this file.


This file should be created at the root of app directory.


The manifest file should have the following items :

Key Value
name App's name
short_description A one line short description of app. Must not be more than 50 characters
category The category in which the app belong.
sub_category The sub category of the category.
version The version of app.
require Requirements of app
author The Author name
author_page The App Author's Web Page URL
app_page The official URL of the App
logo Whether the app has a logo. Default : false


The name of your app. Should be related to your app ID. Otherwise, it doesn't make any sense and makes user confused.


A one line description will make it easy for the user to understand about the app. Here are some examples :

lEdit - The Default Text Editor of Lobby
diary - A Diary for your thoughts

The maximum characters for the short description is 100.


Lobby uses categories to quickly identify the type of app.

Only some categories are currently accepted. They are :

Category Description
accessories For Apps like text editors, calculator etc...
development Apps for programmers, developers, coders etc...
games For Game Apps
multimedia For Apps associated with audio, video, pictures and other media files

Your app should only be in one category


Subcategories helps to find an app in depth. Only some main categories have subcategories.

It is not necessary for your app to have a sub category, but it will help to quickly find apps for users.

Category Sub Category Description + Examples
accessories office Office related apps
tools Extra Tools
Text Editors
security Security related apps
Password Manager
development graphics Apps for graphic designers
Image editing softwares, etc...
web For Web Developers
HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery etc...
programming Apps related to Programming Languages
Python, Java, C++ etc...
games arcade Arcade games
multiplayer Multiplayer games
puzzles Puzzle games
sports Sports games
multimedia music Apps associated with audio
photos Photo gallery apps etc.. associated with photos/images
video Video Apps
Video Editor, Movie Maker etc...

Your app should only be in one category


Every App is required to have a version number. The version value must be numeric characters with "." as an optional character.

Can Be Can't Be
0.1 1.4889
0.5 1-5
1 2014-58.45
1.0 one.0
5.25 mi45


You can mention your app's dependencies in this property as a JSON object. Example :

"require" : {
  "lobby" : ">=0.9",
  "curl" : ">=7.0.25"

These are the supported dependencies :

The logo should be saved as logo.svg or logo.png in src/image folder. If the app has such a file, use the value true for this item.

Default value is false.


Here is the JSON data for you to fill :

  "name" : "",
  "short_description" : "",
  "category" : "",
  "sub_category" : "",
  "version" : "0.1",
  "author" : "",
  "author_page" : "",
  "app_page" : ""


Here is a sample manifest file of the lEdit app :

  "name" : "lEdit",
  "short_description" : "The Default Text Editor of Lobby",
  "category" : "accessories",
  "sub_category" : "tools",
  "version" : "0.1",
  "author" : "Lobby",
  "author_page" : "",
  "app_page" : ""

And here is the src/image/logo.png file :

lEdit Logo

See full source code of lEdit.