Creating An App

Creating apps for Lobby is simple as a piece of cake if you're a PHP Programmer having knowledge of OOP.

App ID

The first task in making an app is to find out a name & ID. If you want to upload your app to the Lobby Server, it's required that your app ID should be a unique one.

An app is recoginized by this unique ID. Once it is set, it can't be changed. So, choose wisely.

The title of the app can be anything you wish. But the App ID should be a unique one.

Here are the conditions of the app ID :

You can search Lobby to check if the App ID exist. Simply go to

to see if the App Exist. Example : //


Apps are stored inside lobby/contents/apps. Your app files must be in a folder with the name of App ID.

Example : The App lEdit have it's contents in ledit/contents/apps/ledit directory.

Here are the steps to set up your app :

Pages, images etc. of your app should be stored in a folder called src inside your app.

Here is how it should look like :

File/Folder Sub File/Folder Description
manifest.json The Manifest File
App.php The Core File of App
src The folder containing resources of app
ajax Contains handlers for AJAX requests
css Contains stylesheets to be used via \Lobby\App::addStyle()
image Contains image files for app. The App's logo (logo.png) is inside this folder
inc Contains PHP libraries, class files to be used by other PHP files inside app
js Contains JavaScript files to be used via [\Lobby\App::addScript()]
page Pages of app is in this file

Note that the above table is not final and you have the freedom to add new directories and files in to it.

manifest.json & App.php

See this page to read about the manifest.json file.

See this page to read about the App.php file.

Submitting App

You can request for adding your app in to the Lobby Database by emailing with the subject "Lobby - App Review" and add an attachment of the App's source code in .zip Archive File Format.

The address for emailing can be found here.

Another way is to upload your App code to your GitHub Repository and tell us the link of repository through Lobby's GitHub Page. The issue must have the label "appSubmission".


  1. How is APP_URL different from APP_SOURCE ?

    Suppose you want to display an image in your app of the file name "logo.png". If you use APP_URL, the URL would be which would results in a 404 page, because you haven't defined it in the app's page function.

    But, if you use APP_SOURCE, the URL would be which would result in the actual image file. With this, you can directly access the files of your apps.

  2. Is it necessary for my App to have a License ?

    Yes, since the App will be directly available to everyone, it's a good idea to put in a license. There are many licenses compatible with the GPL license which Lobby is using.