Quick Install

How to download & install Lobby on various systems :


  1. Linux or Windows or Mac etc.
  2. Localhost that has :
    1. Apache Web Server with :
      • Rewrite Module (mod_rewrite)
    2. MySQL 5.0 or later versions
    3. PHP version 5.6 or later with :
      • PDO extension
      • cURL extension (recommended)
      • JSON extension
      • Zip Extension
      • Output Buffering Enabled



You will see an installation page when you first visit Lobby in your web browser.

Follow the instructions in the installation page to successfully configure & complete install of Lobby in your system.

The first step is to verify that all dependencies of Lobby is met. If everything is satisfied, a "Proceed To Installation" button will be available at the far bottom of the page. If Lobby is running on Apache Server, dependency of mod_rewrite module will be shown on that page.


In the second step, you have to choose what Database to use. The quickest and easiest way to finish this step is to use SQLite.

If you are installing Lobby in a Public Server, use MySQL (NEVER use SQLite).


Type in the database connection information and the database name. The database will be created if it doesn't exist.

Prefix is used to make the table names. If "l_" is used as prefix, then tables created in the database will start from "l_" :

`l_options`, `l_data`, `l_users`

If tables with the same "prefix" exists, then an error is shown and "config.php" file won't be created.


You only need to type in the location where the ".sqlite" DB file should be created. If the file already exists, no errors will be shown and instead the existing SQLite DB will be used.

After Setup is finished, a message will be shown to Proceed.

Congratulations, you have successfuly installed Lobby !

Now, you can see a config.php file in the Lobby directory. The information you have given through the installation has been written to this file. You should keep it secure and should only make modifications VERY carefully.

Common Problems

404 Not Found Error

Sometimes, when you visit //lobby.dev, a 404 error is shown. This is because the rules in .htaccess is not active. To make it active, you must edit the configuration file.

For this run the following command to edit the config file :

sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

Search for Directory /var/www and under the found string replace :

AllowOverride None


AllowOverride All

Also, make sure the Apache rewrite module is active. To make it active, do :

sudo a2enmod rewrite && sudo service apache2 restart

500 Internal Server Error

A server error had occured. This problem occurs due to many reasons. It occured maybe due to missing components in your system. Make sure all the dependencies of Lobby is met in your system.

For Example, if cURL PHP extension is not installed, this error occurs.