There are two ways to install Lobby in Windows :

Lobby Standalone

That's it. Now you should run Lobby.

Running Lobby

Run the "Lobby.exe" file in the "Lobby" folder. If running Lobby.exe didn't do anything, run the lobby.bat file.

PHP that is inside Lobby will sometimes make the following error upon starting :

msvcr110.dll is missing


VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing

This is because Visual C++ is not installed in your system. Download the vc_redist.x86.exe installer file from Microsoft's website and install it. It's only about 13MB.

IMPORTANT - Even if your system is 64 bit, please download and install the x86 version of Visual C++. This is because Lobby Windows Standalone is compiled in x86 architecture.

If you still didn't get Lobby working after installing Visual C++, read this and this.

Now, run Lobby.exe again. The Lobby Server (PHP) will now start running.

By default, the server will be running on, so Lobby can be accessed by going to that URL :

Lobby Running On Windows

You can stop the Lobby Server by running "Stop Lobby Server.exe" file in the "Lobby" folder.

When Lobby is opened in browser, an installation dialog will be seen. To further complete installation, see this.

Change Host

You can change the host where Lobby server should listen. The default is To change it, open lobby.ini file inside the "Lobby" folder and change the host property under LobbyServer :

host = ""

Manual Install

The following localhost servers are available for Windows :

If you don't have a Web Server, install any of the above (or something else).

Once the server and the requirements are installed, Download Lobby.

Open the "www" (Web root) folder of the server and create a folder called "lobby" in it.

Extract the contents of the downloaded Lobby Zip file into the "lobby" folder created just before.

Open a Web Browser and visit the URL //localhost/lobby to install Lobby.