Learn how to update Lobby and apps in it.

Lobby automatically checks for updates when any of the admin pages (admin/) are visited. This is done only once on a session even if getting response from server was failed.

You can manually check for updates by going to the Updates Page (Lobby -> Settings -> Updates) (lobby.dev/admin/update.php)


If an update is available, an icon will appear on the top panel saying "Updates are available". When you click it, you will see the Updates page.

The Update page will show the updates available. You also have the option to once again check with the server for updates.


Updating is a sensitive process. In case an update fails or the latest version has a bug, your data may be lost. So we recommend you do a backup before doing an update.

Go to Updates page. There you will see two buttons :

Backup Database

The database in which Lobby is installed will be entirely extracted into an .sql file. This is only available for MySQL and for it, your Linux/Unix system must have the mysqldump package. This won't work on Windows.

For an SQLite database, it's easier. Just copy the .sqlite file at the path you chose during Lobby installation. The default location is :


Backup Lobby

You may also want to backup the contents folder and config.php. contents folder contains all your installed apps and data. The config.php file has your configuration.

Updating Lobby

Lobby can be updated easily by a one click update or you can do it manually.

Automatic Update

If a latest version of Lobby is released, the Update page will show the latest version, it's release date and release notes.

You must read the release notes before updating, because it will have any important messages to know before updating.

Here is the procedure to update Lobby :

If the update is interrupted (during download), you can start again by doing the same steps above.

Manual Update